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New Pricing Policy 2024


This report is specific for PRIVATE companies. Please ignore it if you are a PUBLIC entity

To align contractual issues and due to the new pricing policy, we inform you that the price table will be readjusted as of May 21.

This adjustment is necessary so that we can continue to offer the best products and services, keeping our commitment to quality, support, and investment in infrastructure.

The index used will be the Brazilian IPCA accumulated from January to December 2023, which was 4.62%.


The new price list will be applied to all contracts, regardless of the signing date.

Check below the services that are included in the adjustment, with a link to the page with the new price table:

Services readjusted from June 21st (Only for PRIVATE customers):

Última atualização: 28 de maio de 2024
Criada: 22 de maio de 2024