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Gateway IP Update

Dear Customer,

We inform you of the postponement of the update that would have been executed on January 29, 2023. The new date will be February 12, 2023. Between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m., Brasilia Time (UTC-03:00), we will perform a technological update in the infrastructure of services Consulta CPF, Consulta CNPJ, Consulta CND, Consulta NFe, Datavalid.

The endpoints (URL) of the services will remain the same, but the gateway IP will change.

Only customers who have established firewall rules in their respective security infrastructures for the current IP of Serpro's gateway will be impacted and need to reassess their security policy.

Serpro's infrastructure is constantly being improved and balanced and relies on geographic redundancy. Therefore, limiting access by IP to service endpoints is not recommended.

This upgrade will bring as benefits greater security, performance and availability.

The improvement of services and products offered by Serpro is a continuous search within the company. We count on your understanding and emphasize our commitment to quality and, above all, to transparency with our customers.

Última atualização: 2 de maio de 2023
Criada: 23 de janeiro de 2023