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Adding and removing contact information

During the contracting process it is necessary to inform all of the data that will be part of the company's registration form, in order to obtain access to the product after purchase.

Each contact information form contains basic information (Name, e-mail, telephone number) and is classified according to a profile (Legal Representative, Financial, or Production):
- Legal Representative - can make alterations to contract and financial data, add or remove contact information, and add or remove Api access keys.
- Financial - has access to the data in the contract and receives e-mails with invoices and financial information, is allowed to add contact information.
- Production - is the correspondent for technical and service issues, does not have access to contract or financial data and is not allowed to add or remove registration data (except for themselves).

While the contract is ongoing, it is also possible to request the adding or removal of contacts.


In order to do this, someone registered under the Legal Representative or Financial profile needs to make a request via the specific online form.

To make a request, click on Request Now and select the "Support - Change Name, Telephone Number or E-mail in the Registration Form", and fill out the data as requested.

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